Benita is thoughtful and very perceptive about your personal style. She works well within a tight budget, is efficient, and gives many options when it comes to how you want to work with her. She thinks out of box and comes up with many ideas for your rooms, and is really good at optimizing space and suggesting ways to push you out of your box just a little. I highly recommend Benita as she is a delight to work with and incredibly knowledgable!
— Adrienne Bishop
Benita is amazing! She helped us with a few projects, including updating the kitchen (picking tile, fixtures, countertops, paint colors, etc.), a redesign of the fireplace, and a complete master bathroom remodel. She is an architect and a designer, so she can help you throughout the entire process. She is extremely knowledgeable and detail-oriented. She will work with you on the design until it is perfect! (She takes your project as seriously as she would a project for her own house.) She has an impeccable sense of style and, best of all, she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet!
— Lynn Avery
I had Benita help us draft several plans for our complete home renovation. She was fantastic to work with. Benita will work within your budget, suggest practical ideas for the project and she is available to you. I really felt comfortable having Benita because of her experience and expertise in construction, design, finishing touches and management of the project. Benita is so lovely to work with – reach out to her to see for yourself!
— ‪Adrianne Wells Samulis‬
We have been working with ‪Benita Cooper‬ on a project and she has been outstanding. Her design is stunning and she really has our best interest at heart. She has been super available and very flexible as my husband and I both have crazy schedules. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with her especially as new homeowners who aren’t the creative mind type.
— Emily Nguyen