Benita is thoughtful and very perceptive about your personal style. She works well within a tight budget, is efficient, and gives many options when it comes to how you want to work with her. She thinks out of box and comes up with many ideas for your rooms, and is really good at optimizing space and suggesting ways to push you out of your box just a little. I highly recommend Benita as she is a delight to work with and incredibly knowledgable!
— Adrienne Bishop
Benita is amazing! She helped us with a few projects, including updating the kitchen (picking tile, fixtures, countertops, paint colors, etc.), a redesign of the fireplace, and a complete master bathroom remodel. She is an architect and a designer, so she can help you throughout the entire process. She is extremely knowledgeable and detail-oriented. She will work with you on the design until it is perfect! (She takes your project as seriously as she would a project for her own house.) She has an impeccable sense of style and, best of all, she is one of the nicest people you will ever meet!
— Lynn Avery
Working with Benita Cooper Design was amazing! Benita is enthusiastic, proactive, creative, and provides wonderful advice. Benita thinks of the things a normal homeowner wouldn’t even know to ask and her attention to detail is top notch. Benita helped me with a redesign of the exterior of my house. Her renderings were extremely helpful and allowed me to see the full potential for the house. She goes above and beyond her duties at all times and I would recommend her to anybody looking for design assistance.
— Lisa Phillips
Benita is currently working with us on our Florida home renovation project. We love her creative nature and her unique spatial awareness. Benita has provided us with ‘spot on’ recommendations and design composition for our small space environment. Her results brought real ‘tears and chills’ and has delighted us beyond what we imagined ‘could be’. Benita is responsive and delivers results in real time. We look forward to building more beautiful spaces with her insights, organization ability and talented design capabilities.
— Katharine Diehl
I had Benita help us draft several plans for our complete home renovation. She was fantastic to work with. Benita will work within your budget, suggest practical ideas for the project and she is available to you. I really felt comfortable having Benita because of her experience and expertise in construction, design, finishing touches and management of the project. Benita is so lovely to work with – reach out to her to see for yourself!
— ‪Adrianne Wells Samulis‬
We have been working with ‪Benita Cooper‬ on a project and she has been outstanding. Her design is stunning and she really has our best interest at heart. She has been super available and very flexible as my husband and I both have crazy schedules. I cannot say enough positive things about our experience with her especially as new homeowners who aren’t the creative mind type.
— Emily Nguyen
I currently have the pleasure of working with Benita of Benita Cooper Design on a home renovation project. Benita is a talented, artistic designer with excellent communication skills and a winning personality. She immediately understands your needs and meets challenges in the project with enthusiasm and excitement. I am thankful to have been referred to her and would not hesitate to recommend her services which include not only design, but other specialties that support the design/architecture industry.
— Joan Lyons
When we set out to renovate our historic home, we wanted a designer who would deeply understand and respect the history of our home yet offer challenging and fresh design solutions. Benita Cooper was all of that and more. She worked with us to select the perfect tiles, colors, cabinets and fixtures to transform our rooms into unique works of art that also work together. Benita was with us through the entire renovation process - through all the ups and downs - offering guidance and finding solutions to problems as they happened. I highly recommend using Benita Cooper for any and all home projects!
— Jessica Lucas
I’ve had the privilege of working with Benita on several projects after working with several designers before her... she takes the cake. From aesthetics to design, she always goes the extra mile and takes the necessary time to understand her clients’ wants and needs so the finished product is always sure to please.
— Nate Stelz
Being a renovation, rehabilitation and 1x close construction-perm lender in Philadelphia, I have the great fortune of working with some of the best in the business. I was asked to oversee in an in town location move/brand re-birth in Haddonfield for a unique, gourmet sandwich shop. My only condition was that it was done with an investment grade business plan on only the #1 professionals. Some Divine intervention led us to Benita Cooper. From meeting 1, her clear path to brand and design excellence was mapped out, costs broken down upfront and commitment to excellence was forged before meeting 2. From there, Benita was proactively there every step of the way through a tedious/detailed Conditional Use/Site Waiver process, testifying as an expert, gaining an approval, took the owner through the process with proactive communication and has created a vision and tangible brand that will redefine a part of Kings Highway East which will extend the downtown and be the HQ for the brand and increase the business revenue/enjoyment for residents and tourists alike. Hiring Benita was a wise choice and will make the process with the Small Business Administration smooth.
— Robert Dischert
I am truly blessed to be able to work with such an amazing architect/designer. Benita and I have been working on my sandwich shop redesign together for some time, and the process has been nothing but exceptional. Benita has challenged me to think deeply about EVERY aspect of the design, from the the space between the items on our shelves, down to how the smallest pop of colors and material can enhance customers’ moods. She is very precise and extremely easy to work with. Her design work speaks for itself and is at a caliber unmatched by other local designers. I highly recommend anyone looking for the BEST experience to use BCD.
— Nick Capaldi
I engaged with Benita at a desperate stage in a large development project with multiple businesses... the very beginning! We had literally been left “at the alter” by another designer and we were despondent. Fortunately, it was the BEST thing that could have happened (more on “best” things later).

Almost immediately, we had a clear approach, process, and timeline LED by Benita. Her communications are exceptional and her availability is almost remarkable. Benita’s rare artistic vision seamlessly combined with crisp architectural design/experience... were rapidly evident. She masterfully made the complexity of thematically marrying an overarching entity with/between its four unique spaces... clear. Plus... it needed to happen within an iconic and historic building... no small feat for a single space. Oh, and let’s not forget the common spaces... not even her responsibility at the start but, because she is so passionate about the final outcome... she is handling it as well! Her seemingly limitless capacity also doesn’t hurt.

I mentioned how she LEADS earlier. That leadership (with firm professionalism and a huge smile) is omnipresent with her team, our consultants, and with my partner and I! That communication is never rigid either. Firm with due dates, yes but, with constant iterative dialogue, collaboration, and partnership... that Benita inspires NATURALLY!

Finally... expertise, execution, and results are obviously the musts in any business relationships. With Benita... you get a HUGE plus-plus: an incredible heart filled with altruistic intention! This fact would be enough... in Benita’s case, it is only the beginning. Her BEST DAY of MY LIFE SO FAR non-profit is a tireless pursuit of inspirational stories and empowerment of our adult storytellers to reduce senior isolation and promote inter-generational engagement through storytelling. WOW!

Intelligence. Creativity. Experience. Work Ethic. Altruism. I am SO HAPPY... we were desperate... then lucky and blessed... to work with and more importantly, get to know, BENITA COOPER.

I think you should get to know Benita, BCD, and BDoMLSF too!!!
— R. Del Femine